Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vision, or blindness?

David Fisher once wrote...

“What often characterizes visionaries is their lack of vision. It's a popular idea that people of genius see farther and clearer than other people, but perhaps the truth is actually the opposite. Visionaries often don’t notice the enormous and obvious impediments to realizing their technological dreams – roadblocks apparent to more practical people”.

I think he makes an excellent point, as relevant today as at any time in history. Maybe more so.

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Citizen Racer said...

Great quote couched between two posts revealing what's in your vision. I have pieced together the spat you have been having with @cdixon, which led me to your blog. Interesting predictions in your post prior to this quote. All your predictions seem very tunnel-vision like. Your vision is very narrowly focused on technology as it has become known in this era. Search, Steve Jobs, Android, etc. Very interesting but I hope some day that you and @cdixon come to realize technology needs to redirect its focus. Where? To health care. Why? Because my prediction is that health care will be the ruination of this country. Any sector approaching 20% of GDP deserves more attention from the technorati all-stars with whom you associate. As a result, your discussion about tax treatment of VCs will seem infantile.

You may not see the connection and my comments may seem arcane but I am one of those "more practical" guys whom your quote references. Health care is left to flounder with old-school, B-team tech solutions. As a result we limp along fighting for a chance to have real technology in order to push the country toward health and productivity.